John Legend Performing at the Kings/Queens Bash

I am a huge fan of John and hate that I missed this opportunity to see him perform.

This brief synposis was taken from a bulletin posted on Myspace:

The Kings in Queens Bash on July 26, 2007 in Philadelphia, PA was an
overwhelming success. The Kimmel Center provided the perfect scenery for
the first official John Legend Network event with grandeur. John Legend
and The John Legend Network hosted an intimate and spectacular party/concert to
celebrate the Legend Network members from all around the country.

The set list consisted of the following: Prelude/Let’s Get Lifted; Freak Out; She Don’t Have to Know; Save Room; Wake Up (Vaughn Anthony); Love Hustle (Vaughn Anthony); Another Again; Again; Must Be The Way; So Much To Say (Estelle); More Than Friends (Estelle); Just In Time; King & Queen (with contest winner, Dorothy Saintus); Stay With You; Ordinary People (with special guest Fred Yonnet on harmonica); Sun Comes Up/Walk Off; Encore:I Won’t Complain; So High.

Performance footage of him singing "Let's.." and "Freak Out" have been included (WARNING: the vid is not of the best quality-but who cares, this is John Legend!!)

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