Have you had your daily dose of OJ???

This is not looking good at all for O.J. Simpson. Since they couldn't make a murder rap stick, the law just couldnt wait for O.J. to mess up. Earlier today, he was charged with committing 10 felonies, including kidnapping, in the armed robbery of sports memorabilia collectors.

Simpson, 60, was booked on five felony counts, including suspicion of
assault and robbery with a deadly weapon. District Attorney David Roger filed
those charges and added five other felonies, including kidnapping and conspiracy
to commit kidnapping, according to court documents.

The judge may set the bail at a hearing Wednesday in excess of $1
million because of the kidnapping charges, a local expert told NBC News.

Simpson, accused along with three other men, faces the possibility of
life in prison if convicted in the robbery at the Palace Station casino. He was
being held without bail and was scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday. (SOURCE)

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