Keyshia Cole Covers Essence Magazine

Keyshia Cole is currently on the cover of Essence Magazine. As the main feature, she speaks on life, love, and being compared to Mary J. Blige. In the latter, this is what she had to say:

ESSENCE: How do you feel about constantly being compared
to Mary J. Blige?

COLE: I feel like we are very similar based on everything we’ve been through in our personal lives. It’s helped make us sing the way we sing. Because she didn’t have a vocal coach, and neither did I. And when I met her I told her, “You winning all those Grammy’s—congratulations—it gives me inspiration to this day that maybe I can do the same thing.” You know, it’s just a real big life circle. I think there are a lot of things that she could tell me that’d help me. I’m not trying to take nobody’s place or nothing like that. But I’m just saying, as a woman—as a young Black woman—if she knows some of the answers, Give ’em to me!”(Laughing.) But she said that I could call her anytime. I just haven’t done it yet.

I like how she answered that one. Still, the comparisons will continue. Mary and Keyshia both sing from the heart.

To read more from this interview and other stories, pick up your copy of Essence today.

BTW, the second season of Cole's BET reality show starts Oct. 30.

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