New Lamborghini Unveiled

This is just ridiculous, people in Darfur and other countries are dying and here we have a car that is going to cost over million!!!

Yesterday in Geneva, Lamborghini unveiled the Revention sports car. This automobile has a ticket price of 1 million euros (that is 1.4 million in U.S. dollars). There will only be 20 in existence - for sale to "friends and collectors".

The Revention is named for the bull that killed Felix Guzman, a renowned bullfighter, in 1943.

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For all you car junkies, here are the specs:

The exterior of the 650-horsepower car is made entirely of carbon fiber laid over a carbon fiber and steel frame. Inside, the Reventon's instrument panel, modeled after that in a modern jet, is made up of three customizable liquid crystal displays. a G-force display show longitudinal forces in a 3-dimensional image.

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