Artist: Che'nelle

Aussie Che'nelle is hot!

In an King mag exclusive, the singer/songwriter talks about her upbringing, how she fell into the world of dancehall/reggae, and even her underwear preference.

KING: Born in Malaysia; raised in Australia. How the hell did you get into reggae/dancehall?

Che’nelle: I
went looking for something different. Reggae didn’t actually come to Australia until, like, five years ago, but it was so underground. A DJ over there introduced me to it. More hip-hop clubs mix [their music] with reggae; they never used to do that, and now there’s dancehall clubs, as well. So in the span of six years, it just exploded.

KING: Your love of music started way before you claimed Aussie,though, right?

Yeah. When I was in Malaysia, I was like 4, and I remember watching the Grammy Awards and seeing Whitney Houston singing “One Moment In Time.” I thought it’d be cool to do that. My mom told me that I made her rewind it over and over. My dad had a karaoke bar, and I would go there on the weekends. What’s funny was that I didn’t really grow up with lullabies.

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Watch Che’Nelle’s video, “I Fell In Love With The DJ” Feat. Cham

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