Black Man dragged to death in CA

He was robbed, beaten and dragged. Now those blamed for a Black, California man’s death are behind bars, while investigators figure out if race played a role in his murder.

Police in Yuba City, Calif., say on Saturday, Aaron Richard Ouelette, 21, and Michael Angelo Sanudo, 20, “brutally assaulted” 32-year-old Willie Dean Roberts, Jr., in alley. Police spokeswoman Shawna Pavey wouldn't say why the men were in the alley or why the Roberts was beaten so badly, but she said the torture he received was terrifying.

"It's just horrific to think any human being could do that," she told The Associated Press.

According to police reports, two Hispanic men ran over Roberts with a pickup truck. He reportedly got caught under the truck and dragged faced down for “a considerable distance” before the men stopped driving and left the truck behind, reports AP reports.

A witness told AP that she called police after she heard the commotion near her home. She said she saw the truck’s passengers look out to see if the man was still under the truck; then they kept on driving as more neighbors watched and screamed at them.

And, according to the witness,after the suspects ran away, one woman tried to push the truck to get it off Robert's body.

Ouelette and Sanudo are in jail on $1 million bond on suspicion of murder, robbery, gang affiliation and a parole violation.


There is no words that can describe this crime. My heart goes out to the victim's family and even to the murderers' families. When will this madness stop??

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