My thoughts: God Suffers Things to Happen to Sum Folk

Yesterday, my hubby and I had the chance to see Tyler Perry's 'Why Did I Get Married?' The movie was very entertaining and done very tasteful. As I talked to my family members who have seen it, I keep getting the same response..."I saw myself in every couple." Well as for me, I identified with Angela the most. With a husband that has a son from a previous relationship, it is hard. My step-son's mom and I do not get along (much like Keisha and Angela). We have called each other names and have almost came to blows on several occasions. However this is not the reason for this post (had to get that off my chest).

When something is going on (churchgoers would say, "going through the valley"), my mother-in-law always tell us "God suffers things to happen to some folk." What she is telling us is that God wants us to go through some things to strengthen our faith and dependence on Him. Sometimes, He wants us to show His good works to others, to be a testimony. Sheila had to go through the verbal abuse and divorce so God could bring Troy into her life, so that she would appreciate him and what he represented--God's Gift. At the end of the movie, Sheila was sharing her testimony with her closest friends and they all reflected on how God has helped to strengthen their marriages.

Food for thought: Did you notice Trina's role in all of this...Did you notice that she wore light colors throughout the movie, what is the symbolism??

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