Racist Pamphlets distributed in CA. neighborhood.

Lynching Flyers Are Distributed In A California Neighborhood

Posted October 22, 2007

They show Sharpton and Jackson hanging, amid protests regarding school cake case
A week after a guard at a Palmdale, Calif., high school was cleared of any wrongdoing for the way he handled a Black girl who spilled crumbs on the cafeteria floor, leaflets – purportedly signed by the KKK – were passed out in a local neighborhood showing nooses around the necks of the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Department found that Chris Niemeyer, security guard at Pete Knight High School, did not use excessive force in detaining 16-year-old Pleajhai Mervin, despite a widely distributed videotape showing him twisting her arm behind her back and bending her over a table. Investigators say, too, that Pleajhai’s arm was not fractured, as the girl’s mother alleged. Pleajhai and her mother, Latrisha Majors, were arrested, as were Joshua Lockett, 14, who videotaped the altercation, and his sister, Kenngela Lockett, 16, who protestors say also suffered a fractured wrist. Sharpton reportedly announced plans to visit Lancaster County to participate in a local protest. The lynching flyers were stuck on the windshields of cars parked at the school and in a largely Black Palmdale neighborhood following Sharpton’s announcement, deputies said. “[The flyer] depicts what seem to be two figures of Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton hanging from a tree with some quotes saying ‘nappy headed pimps, get out of the Antelope Valley.’ and it’s signed by the KKK at the bottom,” Darren Parker, of the Antelope Valley Human Relations Task Force, said. Christopher Keeling, a hate crimes task force investigator for the sheriff’s department and the FBI, told the Los Angeles Daily News that, “It’s unfortunate that someone would go out and put a flyer out like that. It was my understanding that the first flyer that was found was a clear depiction of Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton, but because it’s been faxed and copied so many times now, it’s pretty much a blur at this point,” Keeling said. In addition to a White supremacist or special-interest group, it could also be a Black activist trying to stir up trouble, he noted.

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