Rumor Mill: J.Lo getting dropped?!?!

It is being reported that Jennifer Lopez's record label is not happy with her mediocre CD sales and with the amount of money it's costing to promote her. Sources closed to the situation says that Epic and Sony BMG (Epic's parent company) is eating the cost of her makeup, back up dancers, among other expenses.

“She costs too much money and doesn’t sell enough,” says the source, who is familiar with the issue. “Her last album cover alone cost $60,000 in hair and makeup, lighting, photographers, re-touching, etc. The video budget was in the neighborhood of $300,000.”

Lopez performed on “Good Morning America” earlier this month, and all the costs were absorbed by the label. “Epic had to eat the cost for that entire performance. From her makeup — which typically costs in the neighborhood of $8,000 per day — to the backup singers, to the rigging, lighting and sound,” says a source close to the Lopez camp. “The woman requires everything short of flying monkeys to get on a stage.” (READ MORE)

That is why the record companies are coming after people for downloading and such. They are losing money hand over fist.

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