Sherri Shepherd developing new CW sitcom

Comedian and The View cohort, Sherri Shepherd, is set to produce and star in a CW sitcom. The sitcom will be loosely based on her life experience, particularly her marital situation. As of now, the show is still untitled.

Last year, Shepherd joked with "The View" co-hosts about wanting "to kill" her husband over his actions, and said she was divorcing him because of the infidelity. But after a change of heart, the comedic actress decided to try and work things out with her husband. She has also spoken about accepting his illegitimate child. (SOURCE)

The CW sitcom will most likely be taped in New York, so that Shepherd will not have to fly to L.A. (and risk falling off since she still thinks the world is flat).

Thanks Sheila for the link.

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