UPDATE: Diddy to turn himself in

According to the NY Daily News, Diddy is expected to turn himself in to face charges stemming from an altercation he had over the weekend. As previously posted, Diddy allegedly punched a dude after words were exchanged over a former girlfriend. The victim has been identified as 31-year-old Steven Acevedo.

Acevedo told cops that Diddy punched him in the mouth, knocked him to the ground, and when he got back up, Diddy struck him again. After the altercation, Acevedo went home where he phoned the cops hours later. [sidebar: why did he wait to call the po-po??]

We know where this is going: in a couple of months, Acevedo will be settling for an undisclosed amount from Diddy. If he was smart, he would ask for a monthly stipend from Diddy and a job at Bad Boys or Sean John--that is what I would do...

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