Weight Loss Diary: 8 Simple Reasons We Gain Weight

While reading this month's issue of Essence (the one with Keyshia Cole on the cover), I came across this article about weight gain and 8 reasons behind it. I felt the author was speaking to me. Out of the 8 reasons, I counted 5 reasons why I gain weight. Since it is already late, I will add the article and later post which reasons are causing me to gain weight.

UPDATE(10/26/07): Sorry for the lateness, but late than never...Well here are the 5 reasons my arse can't lose

  1. Not enough sleep - with working full time, family and other obligations I am lucky if I get 6 hours of sleep.
  2. Have a life - Family, work, school, blogging, and other obligations and commitments, I am a busy lady!!
  3. Not enough trips to grocery store - If I can get it dead and cooked at McDonald's, I'm cool..
  4. Job tempts me with oh-so-fattening-but-tastes-really-good snacks - No explanation is needed for this.
  5. Too stressed - See #1 & 2.

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