Weight Loss Diary: October 26

This week I was able to wear a pair of jeans, that just one month ago I couldn't. You know I was grinning! I received a lot of compliments ("you look like you are losing weight") that just made me feel real good inside. I know that I have to control my portions and not to eat bread, pasta, or rice at every meal.

What I have been doing is if I ate bread during breakfast, I would not have bread until dinner. So in essence, I am only eating weight gaining carbs twice a day. This is what I did while I was pregnant and it worked.

This weekend I plan to go to the gym. I just found out that I will be taking over the monthly payments (UGHHHHHH!!!!), since she has been paying for it.

Well have a great weekend!!

BTW- I will post an article (in pdf form) later re: easy exercises that can be done while at work.

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