Losing Zahara

Angelina may be up for a custody battle. A woman claiming to be Zahara's birth mother recently spoke to In Touch about Zahara.

24-year-old Mentewab Dawit Lebiso told the magazine, "I want my daughter to come home to see where she is from. Her grandmother and I both tried very hard to raise her, and I want her to come home to regain her identity."

Dlisted is reporting that Ms. Lebiso told In Touch that Zahara was conceived when she was raped by a stranger. After givign birth to Zahara, she left her because there was no food and she thougth Zahara was going to die.

"I thought the baby was going to die because there was no food, so I ran away."

Sorry, honey, I have no sympathy for you. My maternal instincts would not allow me to leave my child. I would starve before I let my child go without.

(There are sparks spewing from my earlobes cause I am so upset)

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