Quotable Quotes: Darius McCrary on Karrine

DARIUS ON WHY KARRINE CAN BE TRANSFORMED FROM A HO TO A HOUSEWIFE: 'Karrine's not a passive girl. She's a sweetheart. She is. But she's very aggressive when it comes to her business. So she's a balanced woman. And she keeps a clean house. She keeps an incredibly clean house. Everything is in order. Her son is very well-mannered. He's a really, really fine young man. Karrine is outside of all the bullshit that people hype up about the whole 'Superhead' thing. She really is a cool chick to kick it with. She can cook. A couple of nights I was out, and I'd come back. And when I came in dinner was waiting on me; she's seriously a homemaker. She's very accommodating. Whatever arouses a man, she'll figure it out. She'll find it and she'll master that. If you're into watching dirty movies, you can sit up and watch dirty movies with her. If you're gonna turn a ho into a housewife, that's the one to get.'

DARIUS ON KARRINE'S CONTROLLING & CONNIVING WAYS: 'Karrine is a cool person. She's the kind of person you can sit up and talk to. Honestly, I think that's why a lot of dudes end up becoming her prey later on. Cause the minute you do something that she doesn't like, then your business is in the streets and then she's gonna put you on the Internet sleeping on her couch or she's gonna say some things. Karrine is like a child: When she don't get her way--and this is what I've seen firsthand--things get ugly. But I'm gonna tell you what I did, for real. I just fed her a bunch of bullshit.

Because her thing is, she can't have no man leaving her because it makes her look like she's not the 'video vixen' no more. And Karrine will do anything to keep her image. That was part of the reason why I decided to leave, because some of the things she said about me on the radio. There's a lot of things that I could say about Karrine that wouldn't make her look good. But I'm thinking about the type of person I am. And the way I was raised. The one thing I will say about Karrine that is negative that I can put out there--she admits to this--that she is a very controlling woman, and I can't be controlled. Karrine is the type of broad that, she don't want nobody telling her nothing. You almost have to kinda walk on eggshells when you're dealing with her, and I ain't no punk up in here!'

DARIUS ON KARRINE'S SELFISH WAYS: 'This is my problem with Karrine. Whenever I do something, I think about how it would affect her. She's not cognizant at all--when she says these things and does these things, like how is this gonna affect Darius? Her main thing is, 'I gotta sell books. I'mma deal with you right now because wow, you're more popular than I thought you were.' That's how she thinks. So its like one minute it's all about me and then the next minute it's Lil Wayne. And I will say this: She is really clever concerning the way she works the media.'

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