Blind Item: "Baller-Shot Caller"

You are a moderately successful black female celebrity who is considered pretty by public and Hollywood standards. You have dated your share of professional ballers but the drama and womanizing became too much.

Then, you decided to date outside the industry despite your friends asking, why are you dating civilians?

Over time, that became tiring because you always had to pick up the tab or they became jealous and resentful of your success, especially when fans approached you for an autograph while making them feel invisible.

Just before you decided to start dating industry men-again. A new man came into your life. Although he was not in the industry, he had his own stacks and he always picked up the tab. He didn't even seem bothered by your celebrity and success and he often sent you flowers and bling. You even rolled around in his $100,000 whip.

You considered him the man of your dreams but unbeknownst to you, he was only dating you for status and he lied about his occupation, saying he was a successful import/export dealer.

In reality, this man was a big time drug dealer and he wanted to impress his boys by dating a celebrity.

Things were looking up until you were informed that he was a street baller and it was rumored-he was on the DL as well. You became devastated and horrified.

After you confronted him and he didn't deny it, you became heartbroken.

You would later find out that he got turned out in jail during a brief stint and that he's nicknamed "Omar," (behind his back), after the gay stickup kid on "The Wire."

Hint: She's not a singer.

SIDEBAR: All blind items are written by Myra Panache or her staff. These items are posted for entertainment purposes.

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