Blind Items: Material Girl

Despite being wealthy, she's dated famous rich men and non-famous rich men. She's a material girl who enjoys private jets, shopping sprees and overseas travels.

Her closet is filled with designer wear, including: Manolo Blahnik's and Jimmy Choo's.

Back in the day, she was the hottest black women in her field.

She was overjoyed when a superstar sportsman (very rich) contacted her for a date. He took her to dinner, they returned to her place and had sex.

The next day, after he left, she called her girls and said, "I've just snagged the most eligible most sought after bachelor in the world."

Little did she know, she was nothing more than a sex fantasy played out in his mind. He slept with her for male ego purposes only.

Another name to cross off his list. Actually, she was the only black woman on his list because he has always preferred white women.

Within the next few days, she called him numerous times, he refused to take her calls. She even tried calling his agent-who refused to patch her through.

Later that day, the same agent left her a message, if you continue to try and get in contact with my client, despite your celebrity, we will have the police and/or his security force intervene on his behalf.

She was heartbroken and couldn't face her friends for a long time.

Hint: The sportsman is no longer single and the woman is not an actress.

SIDEBAR: All blind items are written by Myra Panache or her staff. These items are posted for entertainment purposes.

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