ILNY2: Pretty blasts Punk

In yet another show of very ungentlemanly like behavior, Pretty puts Punk's head on the chopping block. Pretty decides to reveal how two-faced Punk really is. Here is an excerpt from his rant:

The time is long overdue for me to speak out about the REAL two-faced PUNK from this season of I Love New York …In the event that anyone reading this doesn't know who or what I am talking about, I am speaking about David Otunga aka New York's Punk, that bitch ass, cowardly, cobra looking ass nicca, who prides himself on being "a young professional that has a law degree from Harvard"…. SO MUTHER FUCKING WHAT!!!

Pretty drops some knowledge on some of us uneducated peeps by posting a definition of archaic. He calls out Punk's character not once, twice, but three times in his rant.

...[A]lmost every incident in the house was instigated or commented on by PUNK, all the while PUNK continued to play the role of "friend" to many (now the Maid did the same thing but he wasn't trying to be a friend or "act" friendly and he gets respect for that). I can only speak for myself, not for any of the other fellas, when saying I feel that this was a PUNK ass move on his part. I'll take this time to speak directly to you David/PUNK…you are truly living up to YOUR name…milk it for all its worth!

Hmmm....I wonder has Punk seen this...

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