Jamie Lynn & Casey on the rocks

Life & Style Magazine is reporting since Jamie Lynn's shocking pregnancy announcement, her relationship with Casey Aldridge is on the rocks.

“Jamie Lynn and Casey are NOT together. They’ve broken up numerous times, but he was her first and she kept taking him back," says the insider.

“They’re not dating now. He's really got nothing to offer this baby. He's a kid himself. They have no plans to get married."

"At this point, Jamie Lynn has asked her mom — and not Casey — to be in the delivery room with her.”

Now, this is quite peculiar, because in PR-inside, Jamie Lynn's parents say something different:

"He's a stand-up guy, and he will take care of the baby. He is not the type to let her deal with it on her own. He will be there in any way he can. ...I know a baby wasn't in his plans for right now, but he'll do what he has to do, and he'll be a good father. He really will."

It sounds to me like he wanted to dip, but not face the music of his actions. Sounds like Casey is in for a Louisiana shotgun wedding.

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