R.Kelly busted in Utah!

In an earlier post, I mentioned that a bench warrrant was requested for R.Kelly. The clever detectives that make up TMZ has found out why he was a no-show: he was sitting on the side of the road busted by Utah police!!

Police sources in Utah tell TMZ that Kelly's four tour buses were stopped yesterday, after they were spotted going over 100 mph. After the buses were pulled over, the investigating trooper noticed that the bus drivers seemed "tired." John Q. Law then asked for the buses' log books (with drivers' rest and drive info) but they weren't on board or weren't updated -- a big no-no in Utah.

So the po-po ordered the buses out of service and the passengers were left to find their own transporation.

As of right now his bench warrant will be enforced if he is a no-show tomorrow!

Photo snagged from TMZ.

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