Statutory Rape Charge for Casey Aldridge??

I don't think there should be any question if Casey Aldridge should be charged with statutory rape. Sorry, I don't care if they've been together for three years. I don't care if she has money. Casey knew she was underage from jumpstreet.

Post Chronicle's Tittle-Tattle Too section hypothesized Aldridge's fate:

"It is possible for Casey Aldridge to get in trouble with the law for doing it with sixteen year old girlfriend Jamie Lynn Spears. He may be looking at up to 6 months in prison for misdemeanor carnal knowledge of a juvenile. However, since he has been her boyfriend for over three years, it's also highly unlikely."

WTF? Highly unlikely?? Genarlow Wilson didn't stand a chance. Show Casey Aldridge the same courtesy.

I tell you what if he does not have his narrow behind in jail by Thursday morning 10AM CST, I am going to start an online petition to get him there.

3 Notes from all over:

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. And HELLO.. He started dating her when she was 12 or 13 and he was 16!!!! I bet he won't serve a day though

Cooper said...

Maybe put the mother in jail while her "parenting" or "Christian Parenting" book is on hold. If your 12 year old was having sex and is pregnant at 16 you might want to stop writing a book and start taking care of your children.

Cassandra said...

@Anonymous - We have to have hope he will serve some time.

@cooper - both sets of parents need to spend some time in jail. Lynne can't tell me anything on how to be good parent.