Tyra is a Cheap Boss

Well if you think your boss is Mr. Scrooge himself, think again, by the end of this post you will be glad to have him/her.

As you all know Tyra Banks just moved her show and staff from L.A. to New York and scored a $30 million contract along the way (she is being groomed to be the new 'Oprah' whenever Oprah steps down). Instead of giving out bonuses to her staff, she decides to throw a party in lower Manhattan at some bar. I know, I know you are thinking "what is wrong with a company Christmas party??" Here is the problem, she comes in (all glamorous of course), tells her staff she is leaving for Italy and that she has a special guest...Santa with a sack fill of special gifts.

The special gifts are McDonald's cheeseburgers. Her staff thinks this is a joke, so they opened the wrapping, hoping there is something more to this "gift". Nope, this is it, just some old dusty cheeseburgers from McDonalds. So the staff in disgust gets totally wasted.

So when you are thinking about how awful your boss is, think of this story.

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Solace said...

Wow..I didnt even hear about this!LOL