Usher, a family guy??

Usher sat down with ACJ to talk about his new life:

On being a daddy:
“I think I’m learning how selfish I really can be as an individual. Man, before you just get up and go everyday and you work people to oblivion — and I do. But when you have a child it’s like, ‘Wow!’ All of this time now goes toward making sure that one, he has the milk that he needs. He’s being burped properly. Diapers are being changed — and Lord knows he has let me have it! I am changing diapers!”

On being a hubby:
“Just to be a little more patient. Marriage is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. You have to take your time and be very patient. Sometimes you’ve got to breathe. Step away. Walk away from each other. You’ll drive each other crazy if you’re not considerate of that.”
Ush is such a family guy, he should be nominated for New Daddy of the Year (insert sarcasm here).

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