Buddha Puts 'The Chump' on Blast

Even after the ILNY2 reunion show, the drama continues. Now it is Buddha turn to put someone on blast.

On Punk:

For those of you that don't know what a "Criminal Defense Lawyer" is, in short they are the WORST of the WORST when it comes to moral foundation. Criminal Defense Lawyers are taught to create what is called a "moral/conscious bubble" in order to make themselves NOT feel bad or remorseful about defending to free murderers, pedophiles, mobsters, rapist, and all other "Criminals." WAKE UP PEOPLE!! For those of you that haven't figured it out yet THIS is the very reason I turned down law school. I don't want to create a "moral bubble", "conscious vaccum" or any other justification for doing the wrong thing and sleeping well at night in my million dollar mansion. I've a higher power to answer to.

On Mr. Wise's Flying Squirrel antics:

Mr. Super Wise (I've NO IDEA how he jumped that far and that high... LMAO!!) flying through the air to get at The Maid everything else on the reunion show was just "Mindless Entertainment."

For more on the reunion, check him out on Myspace.

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Aura said...

I wish all of these guys would just go away. The show is over. Get over it, Buddha!