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Today's featured blogger is C'BS Alife. He is an author/publisher of several blogs and also a poet. I introduce to you, my friend and fellow blogger C'BS Alife.

My brother is in theater so I know the whole allure of a monologue. To me it brings out the greatest of actors. They show that they can carry the weight of a production alone. The first half of "I am Legend" is Will Smith's monologue. With style and grace he communicates the sheer sense of being alone on the planet to the audience. I have read the book back in the 80's and I was afraid that they weren't going to approach the psychological frailty of being the last man on the planet. Well, maybe the directors weren't yet Will Smith did and he did it excellently.

Aligning this against "Independence Day" I have to shake his hand because the central importance of family is put on front street. In a world where the Black family is often shown to 'not exist' Will Smith has had these two roles in science fiction epics that sanctifies the value of the Black family. He carries the memories of his wife and daughter like saints in his heart while trying to figure out how to live in a world without them.

The setting was hauntingly beautiful. Usually in post apocalyptic movies they are on some fashion monster stelo ala Mad Max. The notion of having a whole city to oneself is very attractive. How nature was slowly creeping in coinciding with the demise of civilization....incredible.

Yes, of course I have slight issues here and there with small story gaps yet they are very small and next to invisible. They were smart in limiting the fight scenes between him and the monsters. It isn't about some long drawn out fights. It is about the almost existential ancient fear of the dark being manifested. The tension between the night and day is played on throughout the movie. The focus on the danger at the moments of transition at dusk and dawn are so well placed that it is almost on some high literature allegory.

I will say that this is a must see movie and one of the better movies of the year. It is not just a science fiction movie. It deals with the large themes of isolation that have been a part of novels since before Robinson Caruso or those people stuck on that island aboard that tiny ship. Check it out.

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