Gucci Mane schooling the kiddies

Gucci Mane recently went and spoke at an ATL elementary. He voiced the importance of staying in school and getting good grades. He also rewarded the students with early Christmas gifts.

It's Cool to Be Smart:

“We just went to the kids and talked to the kids that get good grades and told [them] that I wanted to partner up with the school around the street from my house, an elementary school; they were having a lot of problems [with] a lot of the male students. I just wanted to talk to them to do better. Out of the 27 people that we got that were eligible to get toys, only nine of them were boys. I just wanted to challenge the little boys in the neighborhood to pay a little bit better [attention] to the books and stop fighting so much. I graduated from school and I definitely use school in my music so I try to just motivate them to do good; tell them it’s cool to be smart."

Respect Your Elders:
"My message was just to be respectful and disciplinary. With the kids down here they have a lot of disciplinary problems; keeping them in line so they can teach them. I wanted to tell them before they get to entrepreneurship they’re so young…respect these teachers. Listen to what they have to say. That’s the message that I was trying to get to them."

I think it is so important for artists to take time out and talk to the kids. A lot of kids do not have the parental guidance they need and tend to go somewhere else to get that.

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