Quotable Quotes: Bob Johnson is Beotch

I was talking to a good friend of mine about Bob Johnson and his Obama comment, I thought this statement was too much for me to keep to myself:

He is a Hillary supporter. This weekend he made a reference to Obama self admitted drug use as if he was some thug on the street... He sold out his own people for money. BET is the most degrading, disrespecting, drug referencing channel on television. How is he going to have room to talk when he condones what is put on BET. It shouldn’t be BET it should be NET.

7 Notes from all over:

MrsGrapevine said...

Bob is just all over blogs today, and it's not a good thing. I wish he knew what black people really thinks of him right now.

He can support the Clintons, but not by publicly bad mouthing Barack.

What he needs to do, is use some of that billionaire status to get some positive black movies produced...

Cassandra said...

It is obvious he had someone write his speech. It is sad that we have come to bad-mouthing each other in media.

Coby said...

Now Charlie Rangel NY Rep is getting in on the selling out. I don't think the Clinton's are racist but they know what to do as politicians strategically because they know that blacks hate to see other blacks succeed. So why not turn them against one another. Proof that Obama is closer than they want him to be.

Cassandra said...

What did Charlie Rangel do this time??

Sincere said...

Ha!! I just posted about this very same thing.. Like Obama doesn't care about black people or something? He is a fool (Bob Johnson)! I have no problem with his endorsement but the dis to Obama's admitted drug use was a bit much.. Magic didn't dis when he endorsed Hilary, just said that he feels she's more experienced. Why mr moral midgetry himself gotta dis? WTF! I'm gone....

Anonymous said...

Right! Everyone is getting their drawers in a bunch because Magic withdrew his endorsement of Obama. I could see us upset if he had donated $20 grand or more, but he only donated $2,000 and some change.

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