Reality Recap: Fights, Nudity, and Ish

Since we are in the umpteenth week of the writers strike, I have been reduced to watching reality shows--a lot of reality shows. Two of my guilty pleasures are The Bad Girls Club and Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. The sheer bitchiness of both shows is my reason for tuning in every week.

I really do not know why Bunim/Murray Productions called their Oxygen show The Bad Girls Club. All they do is argue, curse, and throw ish. I tune in every week in the hopes that someone will follow through with the threats. Anyway, tonight's episode finds the girls recovering from Neveen tossing milk on Darlen (I highly recommend you watch that episode). What do girls do when they are stress??? Go shopping. So they all pile up in the car and head to some L.A. boutiques. While everyone is in a boutique, Lyric decides to do her own thing. She ends up meeting Ty (Fathead Records CEO) and basically bullies him into letting her use his studio.

When Lyric finally meets up with the girls, Tarnisha questions her (this is when Lyric really talks in third person - "Don't nobody question Lyric"). Needless to say we find out that all Ty wants is what's between Lyric's legs. Nothing spectacular happens after that, the girls go to the shooting range to celebrate Tarnisha's birthday, blah, blah, blah. End of episode. I think next week's episode will deliver my fight.

On to JDMA----

Janice has several casting calls - Men and women's underwear line, TV game show, and a bathing suit.

Janice and a client exchanged words over Janice calling her a "parrot." Janice needs to SHUT THE F*CK UP!! Sorry, I just do not considered her to be the world's first supermodel (a self imposed title she gave herself), Gia Carangi was or even Twiggy.

Two models have issues with nudity and seek help from other models with similar issues. The group, Models4Christ, confronts Janice. This did not go well AT ALL. Janice told the models to come and talk to her if there is a problem and not to bring the "Green Bay Packers."

Well this ends my reality recap for this week.

What are your guilty pleasures??

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