Solange's New Year's Resolution

Solange discusses her new year's resolution on her Myspace blog:

this year feels very monumental for me, so maybe i get the point.
there a few things i want to achieve this new years myself.

use my middle finger alot more. i always think what person did that gesture and
made it so famous for saying "f*ck you''! why wasnt it a pinky or a thumb? lol
but scince it does mean those clever two words i want to do it alot more.
its neccesary to be happy in life. if you think about some of the most
great and succesfull people and artist..... prince, oprah, bill gates, basquiat,
andy warhol, murakami, michael jackson, kayne west, oh this list could go on
forever.... they all had to say it once or twice in their lifetime.
people are always gonna try and tear u down for your individuality, your creative
drive, you personal choices and all the little things that make you you!
people rag on me for everything, from my choices in shoes and lipstick color
all the way up to my hair! but at the end of the day YOU have to be happy with
YOU! so what if you have the urge to do things that cant be formulated or has four sides? black and white can be so boring without a touch of color!

Solange also goes on to give advice for the slackers in your life:

u shouldnt let random people who dont love you , arent there to help you with a flat tire, or there to fix you soup when your tummy hurts dictate your choices in life.
so just raise up your hand and use your tendons to lift up that long middle finger and say it!!! i want to be like the black bjork! she sais it alot, and i and alot of other people thinks shes brilliant!

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