Karrine is Today's Black Woman

Karrine is featured on the cover of Today's Black Woman magazine which is on newsstands now. A lot of TBW readers are upset about Karrine being on the cover.

Now, I can't fault someone who knows how to hustle (and baby can she hustle..). I also know she is not the poster child for wholesome behavior; however, she has used her common sense and unadulerated, street smarts to make it in the show biz industry. She was in an abusive relationship and got out (that should be the testimony for her strength), among other situations. Yes, she partied hard and yes she slept with a multitude of men. Some of these men confided in her more so than their wives. Maybe it wasn't cool for her to tell America her deepest secrets and rat on all the men she sleep with.

All I am going to say is before we condemn someone, take a good, long, look in the mirror.

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Anonymous said...

How far we have fallen as a people. We lift up and celebrity vilest among us.....thugs and gangsters...pimps and hos....dogfightin' weed smokin' Quarterbacks. We support anybody just because they're black. Well....some of us need to be cut loose.

Because she hustled her way into the limelight that means she has "strength"??? It takes real strength to change your ways get an honest job, go to school, get your degree....or just be honorable.

I don't care how much money she has. This is all going to be fleeting. this is going to blow up in her face one day, when now 9 year old son becomes a teen and somebody shows him a video of his mother! I feel for that kid already.

Money at all costs was her goal. She got the money.

Yeah....with all the truly positive sistas out here, why they chose to glorify this woman on the cover, just tells me how far we have fallen.