Day 2: Never would Have Made It..

There are many people who were instrumental in my being the person I am today. There is only one person that I can think of who helped me out the most during one particular moment of my life...My husband, Aubrey.

You see, my husband was my pen pal. We starting writting each other at the tender age of 11. There were no IMs, no emails, none of that, we just had a pen/pencil and notebook paper. He had been with me through heartache and pain, the growing pain years, and graduation. After graduation, we lost touch. From 1997 to the end of 2001, I was in a very abusive relationship and felt I needed to find him before it was too late.

During my trips to the campus library, I combed the internet searching for any piece of information I could to find about my long lost pen pal. One day as I was sitting at the computer, exhausted and frustrated, the answer came to me: try his mom's address. I did and hit jackpot. I called the number listed and talked to his mom for awhile. She told me she would have him call me and he did. I told him about my relationship and he urged me to leave. I told him I couldn't..I was scared and felt no one would want me. Everyday, I would call him, whenever I got the chance, and we would talk. With much encouragement, love, and support from Aubrey, I finally had the guts to get out of that abusive relationship (it took almost 5 months for me to leave).

Aubrey and our daughter, Genesis, circa Jan. 2006

Aubrey and I have been in wedded bliss for almost 5 years now (we married in 2003). It is cool to be married to your best friend. He doesn't judge me if I make a mistake. He is supportive, but most of all he loves me.

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