Blessed and Highly Favored...

Last night I had the opportunity to see The Clark Sisters live (yea, they came to lil ole Austin, TX). Only one word is needed to describe them: WOW!! They are very, very anointed women of God and I was truly blessed by their performance. When I woke up this morning, I had a song on my heart and a new walk.

I came into the sanctuary at St James with expectancy in my heart. I was downtrodden and with a heavy heart. There are some evil forces working its way into my household. I had prayed about them before, and took it back, thinking that I am burdening God with too much. I know that we are not supposed to do that (pray about and still worry about it), it shows a lack of trust, a lack of faith. I have ask God to take care of things in other areas of my life, all expect this one. Well, I came into my blessing last night while listening to Dorinda, Karen, Jacky, and Twinkie.

I know that this post was suppose to be about the concert, but I had to share that with you. have a blessed Monday!

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