Misunderstandings for Onix

ILNY Season 1 alum Onix (aka Will Lash) will be in his first movie, Misunderstandings. NFL football player Kerry Rhodes will also be in the movie.

Movie synopsis:

Have you ever met someone who makes everything you do make sense? Someone who you adore and adores you the same...someone you would want to spend your life with? What if something went wrong, would you care enough to endure the trials and tribulations, or would you throw in the towel? What if everything you two were arguing about was all a misunderstanding...but then again, what if it's isn't? Misunderstandings is about a relationship dilemma based on truth, lies and deceit. In this relationship, which element will have the strongest pull?

I am having trouble locating a trailer for this movie so whenever I find it or someone is so kind to do the legwork for me-don't worry you will get credit-I will post it.

Just from the synopsis would you go see it? Rent it?

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Anonymous said...

They are still filming this film in DC. They are almost done, just 2 more days of filming. Was told the trailer would be out in March 2008.