'The Chump,' Fans Respond to Buddhaha

Punk (aka David Ortunga or 'The Chump') and his fans have responded to Buddhaha "jealously driven blog." Punk thanked Buddhaha for his "insightful and well-thought-out blog." David goes on to say he does not "have the time nor desire to write blogs" himself.

SOOOO he gets his fans to respond. Look under the hood for some of Punk's fans' comments...


vh1gossipgirl said...
...should buddha really be making fun of david for being a criminal defense attorney when in the future we know he will need one???

8/1/08 3:08 PM

"DRAMA QUEEN" said...

the more buddah blogs the more I hate him. this blog is so outta nowhere! why did we not see any of this hatred on the reunion show??? they looked like they were the best of buds. anyhow, thanks buddah for helping me continue to keep my love and thoughts on Punk. These pages long ??? blog rants in where you ATTEMPT to compare yourself to this man are working against you. I see the comparison, and you are nowhere on his level. I could find someone just like you anyday off the street, dime a dozen. WAKE UP!

8/1/08 3:30 PM

Jenny said...
Shiitt. Buddah is smart. He KNOWS he's getting under New York's skin when he said that, and that's his intentions - is to hurt New York's feelings when he said he only goes for gorgeous/curvaceous women. I think that's fucked up, and sad. I wouldn't say that New York is gorgeous, nor will I say that she is NATURALLY curvaceous (on Flavor of Love 1&2) but I will say that what he said and meant was that New York is ugly, and that's just a man trying to get into a woman's face when she just dumped him.

I question why it matters if VH1 cut that interview off - and why it is important for his fans (his fans are crazy ass kissers) to know.

But isn't he fine? Especially that scene when he's all oily and sweaty... Mmm... *slaps back to senses*

8/1/08 3:44 PM

Bubo the Hater said...
Buddah is smart enough to say stuff that keeps us typing. He acted as if this show was a NAACP (when they mattered) meeting, it is a reality tv show where males are competing for some fake, annoying, STD infected booch.

So Punk is a criminal defense lawyer...from Haaahhhvahhd? He should get a refund. Buddah is a hater. He is a life coach, real estate investor, etc...code words for I don't have a job...similar to actor is code word for waiter.

His is complaining about the way people are portrayed on a reality tv show! Has he seen any of the other shows?

I hate Midget Mac. Punk was named aptly as he claimed to fall in love with NY after 3 days...or so.

After seeing this season
1. Buddah is full of himself and of shit
2. He has some good insight, but says crazy stuff too
3. Midget Mac is retarded, as is Wise
4. It is a genius
5. Will Rol2 an f FOL3 be competing?

8/1/08 8:03 PM

(courtesy of David's Myspace)

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Necole Bitchie said...

I must be in the dark because i didn't even know they were beefing. geez they was just sitting all up like a tag team on the reunion. lawd!